22 Years +

Experience providing health training for professional coaches

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Professional coaches trained

Global Presence

Experience training coaches in the United States, Canada and multiple foreign countries

Why choose INTERVENT?

INTERVENT is a pioneer in the health coaching industry, having provided formal training for health coaches since 1997.

Over the years, numerous coaches have been trained by INTERVENT for lifestyle management, chronic disease management, maternity management, diabetes prevention and management, cardiac rehabilitation, physical activity promotion and other programs (both for INTERVENT’s internal programs and for programs delivered by other organizations, including customized coach training programs).

Training has been provided for health coaches residing in the United States, Canada and multiple foreign countries. Numerous published outcomes studies, including third-party evaluations, have demonstrated the clinical and economic effectiveness of INTERVENT’s coaching programs with diverse participant populations.

How to Become a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

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Sign up for INTERVENT’s training program

Our NBHWC-approved training program will get you started on your journey to become a successful coach

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Gain access to our interactive learning platform

Learn from experienced faculty members via virtual learning and live webinars

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Apply to take the HWC Certifying Examination

Meet all of the NBHWC requirements and apply online

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What can you expect from this Program?

  • Experienced faculty members
  • Online training platform
  • Ongoing weekly support
  • Virtual training and live webinars
  • Quality assurance processes